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The Best Air Compressors for Auto Body Work

Whether you run a shop, are keen on opening one in the near future, or you just like to tinker on a personal car restoration project at home, an air compressor can be a big help for auto body work. Aside from the many practical benefits in terms of cleaning out spaces, it can also help to increase the pressure of liquids, assist with paint jobs and much more. The key is to think out of the box, especially when you run into a specific problem. The following are the types of air compressors you should be considering, as well as some individual options that can help you get a sense of what’s out there on the market.

Types of Air Compressors

There are many different air compressors to consider, the most common of which include single stage and two stage. It’s also possible to explore DIY ranges, which don’t involve you actually having to put together your own machine, but does offer a bit more freedom in terms of the specifications and matching your needs with what it is able to do. Air compressors come in ranges offering up to as much as 12.5 bar maximum operating pressure, which tends to be more applicable to industrial use. Get as much expert advice as possible before deciding on the right machine for the auto body work you’re looking to do.

TradeAir 3HP Air Compressor

The TradeAir 3HP Air Compressor is an option you should consider, not only for its practical design but also for its double pulley system and well constructed pressure switch. We like that it has a long reach handle, as well as a dual outlet with quick connectors. This compressor is great for inflation, stapling, grinding and as an impact wrench. It’s very portable thanks to its sturdy wheels, making it a great addition to any garage. It’s slightly on the expensive side, but it makes up for this by offering a long-term investment that won’t let you down.

DIY Piston Air Compressor Range

Another option to consider is the DIY Piston Air Compressor Range. Across its four different models, it offers tank sizes ranging from 6 liters all the way up to 100. Depending on your needs, you may only want a smaller machine, in order for it to be more portable. Across any of the models, you’ll find a smooth operating machine that is easy to operate, and even easier to maintain. We also like that it looks modern and fresh, adding a flair to what can typically be a dark and dreary working area. Along with looking good, this range offers great motor power, which is what most people are after.

Ryobi 2HP Air Compressor

This lower end air compressor is perfect if you’re on a tight budget and need something that will be able to help in the short term. The Ryobi 2HB Air Compressor comes with a five piece accessory kit and 50 liter capacity, along with a gross weight of only 36kg. This makes it great for moving between different areas of the shop. The model can be ordered in both black and white, and either includes a 5 meter recoil hose that is sturdy and dependable.

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